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Today’s global market is fueled by economic uncertainty, global competition, high pace of technological advancements and cost pressures. For companies to stay relevant, superior quality, lower costs, ability to scale and higher return on investments are essential. One of the solution is moving towards an elastic R&D operation with flexible source of capabilities to help scaling your business.

virtuDev is your strategic partner acting as an extension of your organization, understanding your requirements and product needs. virtuDev has in-depth experience in successfully operating as a software house and strongly respects your intellectual property rights.

Let’s say

Who we are

VirtuDev, a Swedish solution development & services company with operations in Izmir Turkey, we provide the trust of a local partner with the reach and capabilities of a global. We are the value driven and customer centric company leveraging on the expertise of highly skilled IT professionals, enabling fast time-to-market with quality and costs efficiency.

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How we engage


VirtuDev system analysis is conducted for the purpose of studying a system/solution or its parts in order to identify its objectives. It is a solution definiton technique that improves the solution and ensures that all the functionality of the solution work efficiently to accomplish their purpose both business and technical


VirtuDev realization strategy is designed and adopted of following frameworks, industry standards and customer priorities. VirtuDev realization methodology aims to deliver value based innovative solutions which fulfil business and technolgy expectations


VirtuDev operational excellence pillar includes the ability to support development and run effectively solution and continuously improve supporting processes and procedures to delivery business value.


VirtuDev has the capability to implement secure, reliable infrastructure platform, processing of system maintenance, troubleshooting of developed product and in used services.
Our professional services is running in a 24/7 manner to meet demanded KPIs and steady performance of the system


VirtuDev expertise group are skilled to be reviewed your system and get in all the layers of upgrading the features, any IT infrastructure or data migration, cloud services scale up as well as all demanded CRs from the relative customers

Delivery Models

Dedicated teams

We provide whole development team with SDM managed by the clients as an extension of own capabilities, this setup enable fast and efficient scale up of operations. This is a cost efficient way of working and provides immediate value.


Time & Material

Customer is charged according to time spent on the project. Mainly used for individuals and projects where scope is not defined in advance. The work is billed every month per agreed hourly rate

Fixed cost

Can be provided for limited scope where task is well defined with specified technical requirements


Flexible solution for long term engagements and partners where there are
several projects and engagements and where we provide dedicated SDM

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