Founded and based in Stockholm in 2017 with development and delivery site in Izmir Turkey.

Founders are former Ericsson executives with investors and partners from Swedish IT industry. With 20+ years network in global IT Services & operations and experience, we aim to repeat a success story based on outstanding skills, innovation and mindset of the engineers carrying in-depth knowledge of IT, telecom and various industry verticals. With exceptional track record of operating service organization, we will be your strong and strategic partner.

Our team members have delivered and supported large numbers of high quality application development engagements. Following industry coding standards, architecture and design best practices, our deliverables offer a flexible foundation for future growth, security and ease of maintainability.

Unlike other large, global outsourcers, our offerings are tailored based on the methodologies, delivery models and resource management models that best address your unique environment and business goals.


virtuDev is the customer centric value driven SW development & services company, the trusted partner leveraging on the expertise of highly skilled IT and telecom professionals enabling fast time-to-market with high quality and costs efficiency, providing the trust of a local partner with the reach and capabilities of a global.


Our values are built on trust, empowerment and innovation. We maximise the value creation with a culture built on ambition, curiosity and transparency, where individual initiatives count and lifelong learning is a part of the daily operations. virtuDev employees are self-empowered and together we are responsible for the success and growth of the company


We have over several the years built insights, experience and network in Izmir in combination with a model how to operate a SW development & services organisation. Izmir culture and mindset is well aligned with Europe and time difference is minimal.

Cost efficient location

The location for virtuDev operations is Izmir (Turkey) due to a well-established cooperation with universities, IT faculties and professors. We benefit from R&D government grants which allow us to provide competitive price levels

Empowered workforce & Competence

We have access to experienced capabilities that have delivered and supported large numbers of projects. following industry standards. The capabilities we have are a mix of senior and hand-picked young graduates with right attitudes and mind-set from 9 universities in Izmir. Our attrition rate is very low.

Product & Service innovation culture

The co-operation with universities provides us with strong innovative capability. By bringing in new graduates and internships we secure a proactive innovation strategy and up to date competence.

Competitive Portfolio

The portfolio offers cost efficient professional services related to software development, R&D services and support with the aim to enable our customer’s digital transformation or modernization. Our portfolio offers a flexible foundation for future growth, security and ease of maintainability.

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