Services Portfolio

virtuDev offers highly skilled and scalable capabilities at competitive price levels for companies developing in their current business models as well as those entering transformations.

virtuDev portfolio provides professional services related to software programming and support, aim at enabling our customer’s digital transformation or modernization in multiple verticals.

To best address our customer unique requirements and business goals, our services are tailored and delivered flexibly based on the methodologies, delivery models and resource management models, from full application development life cycle, to resource augmentation, or subset of any application development process.

virtuDev provides maintenance and support services for applications or solutions developed with our engagement for customer. We will be in unique position to solve complex issues with greatest efficiency.Our Application Development specializes in application services that span the full software development life cycle. virtuDev holds full accountability for our service, we ensures greater coordination and control to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

Services Provided

  • App Development
    • Web
    • Mobile
    • Desktop
    • Embedded
  • Front End & Back End
    • Development
    • Adaptation
    • Customization
  • Business intelligence
  • Corporate systems.
  • Application modernization
  • QA and software testing
  • Feature Enhancement
  • Performance Optimization
  • UI/UX portal development
  • Pre sales & POC
  • Support
  • ADM & Managed operations
  • Process & Tool Support
  • Designing and Developing Enterprise Entegration Services Between Various Systems

Our teams of experts have many years of industry experience with both emerging and established programming languages and methodologies.

SW Languages and Frameworks


  • C/C++,C#
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • MathLab
  • Delphi
  • Pascal
  • DSL
  • DSM

Web Development

  • HTML5
  • Angular
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • PHP


  • .NET
  • SAP BO
  • Xamarin
  • Keras
  • NumPy
  • Tensorflow
  • Open CV
  • Open GL
  • Hadoop
  • Spark


  • Rider
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Xcode
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Gitlab
  • Jira
  • Docker
  • Teamcity
  • Slack
  • Azure Data Studio
  • Android Studio
  • Microsoft BizTalk Integration Services
  • SQL Server Integration Services


Our service capabilities come from solid experience, lesson learned and best practices from many projects. Our capability in system engineering, requirements, architecture, design, verification, life cycle management, certification, makes us capable of delivering full solutions to various industry segments.

Telecom Vendors and Operators

Come with the background nature of the founders and its colleagues of virtuDev, we have deep knowledge in telecom business and what it takes to the next phases for its ecosystem. We have worked both with building global communications infrastructure and network functions but also in great extend also the business transformation and digitalization of the industry.
Our teams of experts have many years of industry experience with both emerging and established programming languages and methodologies.

Enterprise Sector

virtuDev team have long experience developing software applications that are used in schools, goods transportation-logistic, Smart Cities, Smart Vehicles etc. This in-depth understanding of specific industry and its practicalities requirements enables us to add value to every phase of the development process to similar public sector.

  • Public & Safety
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer electronics
  • Utilities
  • Hot sales
  • Big Data/ Analytics
  • Consumer electronics Software
  • POS Software
  • Telecom

Dedicated teams:

We provide whole development team with SDM managed by the clients as an extension of own capabilities, this setup enable fast and efficient scale up of operations. This is a cost efficient way of working and provides immediate value.

Project (Time & Material) :

Customer is charged according to time spent on the project. Mainly used for individuals and projects where scope is not defined in advance. The work is billed every month per agreed hourly rate

Fixed cost:

Can be provided for limited scope where task is well defined with specified technical requirements


Flexible solution for long term engagements and partners where there are
several projects and engagements and where we provide dedicated SDM

Pricing models:

Dedicated team: Yearly, 170Hours/month, ≈20% discount on hourly rates (incl. overtime)
Time & material: Per hour: min 6 month, min 130 Hours/month, ≈10% discount on hourly rates
Time & material: Per hour, min 3 month, min 130 hours/month

VirtuDev is a member of a value Network, based on connections between organizations and/or individuals interacting to benefit the entire group. The network allows members to buy and sell services as well as share information. The network consist of senior capabilities within IT & Telecom