Remote Software Development

“Over the years we have learned that remote SW development requires a mutual understanding of concept of remote delivery and alignment of wow
We normally start this of by agreeing going through a checklist , deciding on principles, processes and tools to be used”

The great value based on VirtuDev management team and the construction of a work Dynamics where the trust, responsibility to creating Processes and Procedures for providing remote SW development of a Products, Solutions or Services in Izmir for a PARTNER/CUSTOMER that request these specific services

  • Work Productivity with high Efficiency
  • Continuous Collaboration, Traceability and Transparency
  • Set up Online Communication, Scrum meetings & open for Feedbacks
  • Mutual Alignment on every Milestones of the Project
  • Diversity, Inclusion and work life balance
These processes and procedures are also combined and enriched with useful tools in order to catch the key aspects mentioned above.
On the other-hand DevOps, Agile Methodology and other SW development blueprints & Technology standards are considered as the guideline for this process. Please find our full description