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This document describes VirtuDev’s working Processes and Procedures for providing remote SW development of a Products, Solutions or Services in Izmir for a PARTNER/CUSTOMER that request these specific services.

  • Continuous Colloboration, Tracebility and Tansparency
  • Constant Communication, open for Feedbacks
  • Mutual Alignment on every Milestones of the Project

This process and procedures are also combined and enriched with useful tools in order to catch the key aspects mentioned above.

On the otherhand DevOps, Agile Methodology and other SW development blueprints & Technology standards are considered as the guideline for this process which is applicable for following options:

  • Option-1: For the PARTNER/CUSTOMER who requies to develop a new SW Product/Solution/Services from the scratch.
  • Option-2: For the PARTNER/CUSTOMER who already has a Product/Solution and requires from Virtudev to be responsible to develop all or specific parts of this.

For further details please find our full description here.